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DragNDropz Detailed Installation Guide
DragNDropz Installation Guide

Quick Installation:

Using your web hosting control panel provided by your web host, first create a new MySQL database and database user account.  If you are not sure how to do this, please contact your web host for help. Write down or save the MySQL database name, database username, and database password.  This information is needed later during the installation of DragNDropz.

To install DragNDropz on your web host, first download the latest version of DragNDropz using the link provided in your license email.  Then, extract the DragNDropz files into a local directory on your PC using a file compression utility such as 7-zip or WinRar.  Using a FTP client or other file transfer software, upload the "dnd" folder to the server into the root directory configured for one of your domain names.  Next, open your browser and type in the domain name you are installing DragNDropz to followed by "/dnd" (example:  This will start the installation wizard.  This URL will also be used to access DragNDropz in the future. 

Installation Sample Scenario:

For example, say you want to install DragNDropz on the domain of  To do so, first connect to your web host using a FTP client or other file transfer software.  Upload the folder named "dnd" containing the extracted DragNDropz files to the root directory of  Once the folder and all of its contents have finished uploading, type the URL of into your web browser's address bar to start the installation wizard.  In this example, the address of will subsequently be used to access your centralized installation of DragNDropz. 

Installation Steps:

The installation wizard includes three steps detailed below.

Step 1 - Establishing a Connection to the Database:

DragNDropz uses a centralized database to store image and gallery information.  The installation wizard needs to establish a connection to a MySQL database to create the initial database table structure.  The connection information is then saved to a configuration file which DragNDropz will use to store and read information from the database.  This installation step prompts you for the information needed to establish a connection to the MySQL database.

You will need to provide information for the following:

  1. The MySQL service URL or IP address (usually localhost)
  2. The MySQL service port (usually 3306)
  3. The MySQL database name this installation will use (created via your web hosting control panel)
  4. The MySQL database username that has access to the database name used above.
  5. The MySQL database user password for the database username provided.

If you don’t know the MySQL service URL or Port, please contact your web host.

Step 2 - Creating the Initial Administrator Account:

In order to create and manage image galleries, an administrator account must be created to protect your installation of DragNDropz.  Account authentication protects you from unauthorized access and unapproved changes to your images and galleries.  You will need to provide a valid email address, username, password, and name.  You’ll need to use this username and password to login after installation is complete.  This account cannot be deleted since it is the root user account.

Step 3 -Inserting your License Information:

DragNDropz is paid software that requires a valid license.  You will be prompted to insert your license email address and license key.  Once your key has been validated, DragNDropz installation will be complete.

Final Notes:

DragNDropz can only be accessed by authenticated users.  A default administrator account is created with your desired credentials during installation.  If you forget your account password, DragNDropz has a password reset feature, so please use a valid email address when configuring your initial account.  Additional accounts can be created with different account permissions by the initial administrator account under the "Users" tab.

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